To Hire A Private Investigator..please consider below facts or you might end up in another problem to solve!

1.They are licensed with KDN or Home Minsitry Affairs

2.The Private Investigator is experience in his fields with more than 5 or
10 years in investigation line at least.

3.The Private Investigator MUST HAVE their own office as their business
premises and not fly by night operators as they may run away with your deposits & left you with an empty promises rather than helping you to solve the problems.

4.How fast they response to your enquiry and are they really
knowledgeable in their line of Services during consultation.

5.If you have difficulty in getting a consultation or barely understand by an
explanation by the so called Private Investigator during telephone
conversation, you should already beware and consider that they might
either working as a part time or moonlighting from their employment or
that they could be a bogus Private Investigator.

6. A very experience Private Investigator would always very sharp and
understand well on his trade upon answering your question or whilst
consulting you as people in dire need for help.

7. Avant Private Investigator however are able to provide the most
practical alternative proposal for the best solutions you might just need
as we are the most experience Private Investigator in Malaysia and Kuala

“We assure you that we are more than Attentive to listen and to your problems; hence we always proposed the most Practical alternative solutions to solve your problems with our Innovative way of dealing with the problems”