Our Services

Background Checking

This services have tremendously became the pre requisite sought after due to current pattern in building a relationship whether professionally or personally. Hence it’s a first step for ones before deciding for a business or personal relationship

Due Diligence

A checking that can be vital prior to a joint venture relationship. Know your potential business partner truth before you end up seeking the civil lawyers and court to recover for your investment.

Fraud Investigation

Open Investigation/Interviews

Matrimonial/Infidelity Investigation

Find out the truth on your suspicions of your other half. Safeguards your interest from the mind boggling issues and a long battle over custodian, alimonies etc.


You can be rest assure that the task is handled by our professionals and fully dedicated with higher integrity.

Corporate Investigation


Bug Sweeping
Counter surveillance

Credit Checking

To underst and more on the financial sustainability of subjects

Pre-Employment Screening

A checking that is vital for an employer to double check candidate/s authenticity of their credentials prior to employment

Counterfeiting Investigation/Mystery Shoppers

Locate Missing People