Are You Hiring A Real Private Investigator or could they Might Be A Bogus Agent?

1. Is your appointed Private Investigator easily contacted after agreeing for assignment tasked to them and after deposit paid?

2. Does the Private Investigator know the facts of your case and could recall the chronology of the case vividly during further conversation or consultation when they are working on the case?

3. Do they response promptly upon your enquiry either via email or telephone call?

4. Most bogus Private Investigator or part time agent would normally hesitant to meet up with the client and could not give a prompt reply on your enquiry whether via email or messages.

5. To avoid from the bogus Private Investigator or part timer/s or individual/s who moonlighting from their actual employment; you can always count on Avant Private Investigator Sdn Bhd for our true professionalism & expertise.