Board of Director 

Dato’ Sri (Dr) Eric Yap born and raised in Kuantan, Pahang by parents who emigrated from China during World War 2. Dato’ Sri Yap has a passion for lifelong learning and this has led him to be a serial entrepreneur. He has ventured into various industries such as insurance, travel, home furnishings and private investigation. He is now managing more than twenty companies both locally and internationally.

Dato’ Sri Yap was graduated from The United Kingdom with an Advanced Diploma in International Marketing and a Master Degree in Business Administration from the United States. He started his career as an insurance agent with MAA Berhad. He was later promoted to agency supervisor and agency manager. With an outstanding sales records in his company he earned a place In the much-coveted Million Dollar Round Table Member.

In 2014,Dato’ Sri Yap was bestowed an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration by the Honolulu University for his outst and contributions to the society. He had also been nominated as an Honorary Member for various organizations such as Malaysia Crime Awareness And Prevention Board  (LKPJM),Association Of Malaysian Ex-police Forces(PBPM), Association Of Malaysia Ex-security Forces(PBPKM) and Consumer Welfare And Protection Board of Malaysia(LPKPM).

Dato’ Sri Yap is a high achiever and he excelled in his business acumen which earned him numerous awards such as The Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award 2016, The Brandlaureate Best Brand Award, The Brandlaureate Leadership Award, First Diamond Entrepreneur Award 2015 and The Malaysia 2016 CSR Award. Recognised and admired by the public as one of the greatest philanthropist, Dato’ Sri Yap has devoted much time and effort to help the needy in Malaysia. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a term that is dear to Dato’ Sri Yap and he believes in giving back to the society, especially to the less fortunate. Apart from contributing to the orphanage,old-aged and disabled, Dato’ Sri Yap is also concerned on the school children security matters where his company has embarked on CSR projects to installed CCTVs in selected schools throughout Malaysia and introducing the use of GPS trackers to school children as well as the old aged.

Shah A Bakar

A well educated in a “street smart education”. Self-taught investigator through working experience with no nonsense attitude,meticulous and good analytical thinking. Learn the trade of Investigation whilst in tenure of Insurance Investigation or better known as an Adjuster and various other type of investigations in Motor Claim – Theft and Bodily Injury Claims and Non Motor Claim eg.Public Liability, PA Claims, TPPD etc. He has also involved in investigation during the VCD piracy wars and worked closely with the authorities.

Skillful and analytical minded Fraud Investigator , often being tasked and entrust to undertake suspected Fraud cases and Fraud cases. Has a knack of talent and skills needed in investigating fraud cases with proven track record and resulting a big savings for the principal in repudiating a false claims made by unscrupuolous agents and claimants.  Discreet and reflective professional with track record of identifyingand resolving varied cases of  unfair insurance claiming and abuse of record and documents resources.

He has also a very good interrogating skills with speciality in open interviews whilst extracting information needed from subjects of investigation interest. He also have a passion in field operations ie. Surveillance Operations with successful proven track record whilst in Insurance Claim industry

Finally continuing his passion in investigations as a Private Investigator.  An experience Private Investigator himself prior to joining AVANT PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, he is previously a Lead Private Investigator with previous employment and has since involved and settled hundreds of cases for individuals & corporate clients.

As an experience Private Investigator of more than 10 years on field investigation, he was once appeared in a local media and televised documentary about private investigation among his other portfolios. Was also a guest speaker with a government agencies enforcement department and has since involved in several surveillance courses conducted by the respective government agencies.

Good in consultation with Attentiveness and Practical proposal for the needy Innovative ways offered to clients that looking for an answer and truth.